How to Apply and Use Your EPIGLO Face Mask

Regina Jong

Posted on August 22 2017

Face masks are popular in Asia – and the key to making them work is to apply them properly. With the following four steps for application and post-mask care, you can get radiant, hydrated, and glowing skin.

Step 1 – Clean Your Face

Cleansing your face before using EPIGLO removes tiny impurities and excess skin oils, allowing the mask to penetrate your pores better. Lather your face thoroughly from bottom to top from the center outward, paying special attention to your T-zone. When done, rinse with warm – not hot – water to keep your pores open.

Step 2 – Apply Your Toner

Apply your toner to a cotton pad and apply it gently to your face using the same outward sweeping motion described in step one while paying close attention to your jawline. Once one, your face is fully prepared for the face mask.

Step 3 – Apply Your Face Mask

Whether using EPIGLO or another brand of face mask, always carefully follow the instructions provided. One good face mast to use in EPIGLO Jicama, which is enriched with Vitamins B1 and C for a brighter, whiter skin tone.

Step 4 – Moisturize Your Face

Never forget to moisturize! Even if you feel hydrated after a face mask, moisturizing with a rich face locks in the benefits by preventing moisture from escaping. EPIGLO Olive Moisturizer is perfect for this – just take a small blob, dot it across your face and then massage it in evenly.